How to live you dream life

This last year have being spent on couches. At the moment I live on a couch in Stockholm, Sweden and enjoying life. I’ve learned so much this last year, met incredible people and found a huge inner peace. Today I want to share want I wrote in my notebook when living in L.A, where my self-development year begun.

“Faith. Have faith and you’ll get anything and everything you want from life. You don’t have to be religious to have faith, and the amazing thing: faith cost you nothing. You’ve got nothing to loose to have faith so you might as well just trust that everything you need and want will come to you. Just trust it. It’s hard to let go of yourself like that, I know, but when you do, you’ll never see the world the same way again. Faith and knowledge of what you want. Not what you thing you should want, just find out what you want because then you can be aware of the power of attraction. Then you can be aware of the things that’s laid out for you to help you get what you desire. Put all your focus on what you want, not on what you want to change. That’s the secret.
When this secret was revealed to me it made so much sense and I realize why things felt like they just gotten handed to me. They did because the option never existed, they did because I expected them to. So I opened my eyes, looked clearly at my life and my surroundings and saw me. Everything I’ve got in this life is all a reflection of my attitude. With that said, it’s really easy to erase the bad things and live your dream life.”


3 Comments on “How to live you dream life

  1. Isabella it was so lovely to read this post. I love reading stories of people who get to live the life they want through the law of attraction. I look to stories like yours for inspiration so I too can keep focusing my thoughts on what I want out of life. I hope the universe brings some amazing things to you in 2015!


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