Spa for the soul

Lately I’ve felt distressed, I thought it was because I’ve been working day and night since 2 of September. Now it has started to slow down and I have time to relax, but still I feel weird. Since September I’ve got a new apartment, new roomie (the best roomie one could wish for! I feel blessed), new family conditions, two new jobs, two sets of new colleagues, a lots of new friends and I talk to wonderful people everyday. So what’s wrong? I think I need to settle in. I’ve learnt to love changes because they are the only thing that’s constant, still I notice that they affect me. I’m not sad nor unhappy, actually I’m overwhelmed of appreciation and I’m proud of myself but still, distressed. I miss something. I miss home. I miss my sister. I miss my parents. I miss my friends, I miss my cats. I miss my car. I miss my hometown. And all this is wonderful, I’m so grateful that I have things to miss, people to come home to, a place to call home, a place that always have and always will embrace me with love. Still, I feel distressed. I need to rest. It hit me, I need someone to rest my soul in. Someone who knows me, someone who understands me, someone who loves all the things with me that I don’t like that much myself, someone who says the right things, someone where the energy flow is even, someone I can spoil with unconditional love, someone who spoils me with unconditional love, someone I can trust and who trust me. Someone who I share thousands and thousands of laughs with, someone I can sit in silence with, someone who sees me for the person I am, someone who understands that I’m a big paradox, someone who are proud of me and got my back, someone I feel safe with, someone my soul feel safe in. I strongly doubt I’m the only one. Maybe I should open a “soul spa”, no idea how it would work though. But that exactly how I feel right now, in this moment, a need for a spa day for my soul. Anyone who would join me?


7 Comments on “Spa for the soul

  1. Hello … Visiting the blogs on my “follow” list, your’s was the next one on the list. I really like this post, and the title, Spa for the Soul, stood out. My wife has been offering a small group experience / journey (going for six to eight weeks & twice a year) for women, called “Spa for the Soul”. She’s been doing this for a few years. My hope is that this little coincidence would encourage you. I believe you are 100% right, that you are due for a spa for the soul! The intense transition you wrote about is huge. “Distressed” makes sense, with the emphasis on “stress”. My hope for you is that you find some restoration, and that individual who will connect with your longings. Peace.

    • Oh wow, how sad, this comment has totally slipped by me! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. At this moment when replying I feel much more grounded, a lot of praying led me to the place I’ve longed for. I wish you all the best, you and your wife. May your lives be filled with happiness, health and purpose.
      Best regards,

  2. I’m just now getting back to visit. And your response helps me to know that you are still writing. I hope the best for you with this book project. Peace to you … and I will keep checking back with your blog … but I expect that I will be less of a pest, now. T


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