I found him! Fairy tales exist

Again almost a year has passed since my last post and I smile when I read it. So I found myself – Finally sorted out my inner chaos and started to love and accept myself and guess what happened? I found another person who loved and accepted me for who I am and he proposed and we got married. We got married under a lemon tree in Los Angeles and a few months later we had a bigger wedding with family and friends in Finland. We went backpacking through Europe on our honeymoon and now we have a beautiful home in Los Angeles. I got my happy ending. It was the ending of the lost confused child in me and for the first time I feel whole. I feel like myself. Is my life all rainbows and unicorns now? Did you find your prince and live happily ever after? Yes and no. Fairy tales never tell you want happens after you conquered the obstacles that kept you from your soulmate and you finally can be together. Do you want to know what happens? You start fighting about dishes. And other daily tasks. And it is okay. Good and bad times comes and goes like waves so one needs to learn how to surf and I think I’m doing a great job. I’m very grateful and happy with my life, my family, friends, music, husband and puppy. The world is going more and more bananas but there’s so much light in it, don’t forget that.

Have a wonderful day! Love

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