Hi you! I want to introduce myself as unlabeled. I’m not a man or a woman, I’m not young nor’ old, not black, not white, I am a product of your inner imaginations and experience. We all are. And I’m so tired it. Nothing or nobody are. Nothing’s right, nothing’s wrong. Everything depends on the receiver. Have you thought about that? That’s why our languages, our way to communicate is so poor, that’s why so many misunderstandings and argues exist. We interpret based on ourselves. I’m so sick of explaining myself when nobody ever going to have the right perception of me either way. The only one who ever going to be close to know the “real me”, is me.  And many people can’t even say that due to lack of self-esteem or/and unwillingness to accept their faults.

With that said, you can from this moment stop caring what everbody is thinking of you! It doesn’t matter, you for your surroundings is maximum 50% you, the other 50% depends on them. So why the fuck care?  Excuse my language. The main thing is to be your own best friend. You have to live with you every single day, so don’t let yourself down, don’t hate yourself, don’t do anything that’s contrary to your values and beliefs. Love yourself and make yourself proud. Be the best version of you, so when people don’t like you it’s because of their dissatisfaction of themselves not of you.

So, I’m not going to have a dashing presentation about myself. You’ll soon enough create me while reading my blog, and I believe you’ll have a more accurate idea of who I am, then my friends and family. Or maybe not. Why? Well because for you I am a product of you.

50 Comments on “Bio

  1. Love your philosophy. I. too, see myself and others as individuals and not labels. Putting people into groups divides us. Respecting individuals enough to let them be themselves brings us together while allowing us the freedom to be unique. Warmest wishes. :)

    • Thank you It’s always nice to hear from like-minded. I am fascinated over how many places you’ve been visited and I enjoyed reading about them, especially interesting to see Helsinki from your point of you when I myself am from Finland. Take care! :)

  2. Thanks for your visit to Discover Santosha today. You are so right that we see the world from our own perspective and past experiences. We must always remind ourselves not to let that make us judgmental and closed off to others.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! SO….you like MJ as much as me?? My heart is still mourning of a loss to Soon……What a Unique blog, and Thank you for speaking the words that are sometimes in my own Heart. I truly believe GOD loves all, NO, I’m not a bible thumper, but I do have Faith in him, WHY you ask??

    I’m his *Miracle*…..people say they don’t see him do them anymore, I say their Blind, I’m a walking, living, breathing miracle. From where I was in my life… where I am now??, is nothing but a HUGE Blessing. I don’t care what others think of me, nor do I judge by color, race, religion, sexual preference, or any of that…..THAT’S way above my Pay~grade, and that’s the lord’s job not mine.
    I try to be kind to all who walks into my path……. *Author, Catherine Lyon*

  4. Such beautiful words!! Love thy self: one of the things most people often neglect. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) …o_O

  5. Jennifer, our worldview is always formed by our experiences. As much as we like to think we are “open and non-judgmental” our narrow lens always focuses in. I like your view: Focus on loving yourself, no one will love you more.

    Thank you for stopping by Guma Ifit. I write it mostly as a journal. Appreciate those who stop by. Best wishes to you!

    • Yes exactly, I’m not saying I’m nonjudgmental more like the opposite. I’m fast to prejudge because I’m a good people knower. But of course, I’m wrong in many cases and feel very ashamed over my prejudice of someone. Still I love when people prove me wrong it makes me feel hope in the humanity.

      Thank you, take care!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog… You have a lovely one here. I am not a man nor woman. Not black or white…. Loved these lines.
    Keep your self esteem high, love yourself, follow your beliefs…
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Very interesting.

    Our imaginations can run the gambit. We can invent you and then re-invent you. Nice approach.
    Thanks for the “like” on my blog.

  8. Great philosophy! You really do need to take care of yourself first, and no one should make you feel guilty or selfish for it. Kudos to you for embracing this thinking!! :)

  9. Fantastic Jennifer!! I love how you “break it down” when it comes to loving yourself. I’m still “work in progress”, however, I have learned a few things in this process. 1. You can never be lonely If you like who alone with. 2. I am incapable of “giving away” what i don’t yet have for myself; including loving others unconditionally. 3. It is NOT your job to like me or love me; that’s MY job. “I’m not where I used to be, I’m not yet where I “think” I want to be, but God’s not done with me yet and neither am I. big HUGZS, jen >_/l\_

  10. Hey Jennifer, your writing is confident and your blog is daringly you, wonderful:)! Thanks for the visit, it led me to a strong sense of you, all the best, and by the way, I honestly enjoyed reading Law of Jante: You’re not to think you are anything special – Well said xx

  11. Well, Jennifer, I have never seen a bio / About Me page … like yours. I took time to read some of the comments: most encouraging. I’m looking forward to going over to your posts to read some of those. Authenticity is one of the words that comes as I read your bio. I appreciate your commitment to be true to yourself, your unswerving journey of living out your own story (not the stories of others). I want to thank you for stopping by Other Side of the Trees, specifically to read my post “Be Real, Please”. About 2-3 sentences into your bio, I could see why you had some degree of appreciation for what I felt led to write about (the woman who has a tragic desire to “be Barbie”. You are in the realm of authenticity. Apologize for this long comment. Sometimes, it just happens. I guess it is part of my own “authenticity”. Peace, T


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