Monday inspiration

I found this list on my computer and sadly I have no idea who the creator is or wherefrom I’ve downloaded it and saved it. Anyhow it’s perfect. I love the internet you find so many like-minded, often I find things so on point of what I’m thinking it makes me feel unnecessary and repetitive in my own writing. I hope you can take these 4 statements below under reflection and adapt them to your reality. Have a wonderful start at the week!

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So, the other day I got my 500th follower on this blog. A small thing like that makes me feel very honored. I try to check out as many of you followers blogs as I can and I will from now on highlight my every 500th follower. 

My 500th follower is Joe Seeber. Of what I read, a dude I share many similar thoughts with. His blog is as much about self-development as how to develop and earn money from your blog. In fact he runs a great email platform where you can get good advice how to create an income online, check it out at:

My favorite post of is about ‘the law of attraction’, you can read it at: I’m in love with this post, I’m in love with the idea that I’m not the only one who thinks that thoughts are as real as anything else, and to take control of your life you need to take control of your thoughts. Thank you Joe for writing this! I’ll probably re-post it in the near future.

”I mostly read personal development books as l am on a strict regimen of always improving myself as a person and offering as much value to the world.

I go wherever my heart leads and I don’t think twice about it.  I have this habit of once finding my calling, I becoming obsessed with it.  I’ll follow it to wherever it may lead.”  – Joe Seeber 

Myths about success

Hi! I skipped yesterday’s Monday inspiration to take time to comment on this picture I was about to post:


– A flower does not think of competing with another flower, it just blooms. This quote, whoever wrote it, is so excellent. There was a time in my life when I was competing with others. When I felt that I had something to prove. There was a time when I felt uninspired to see others succeed, when I felt that it somehow would have a negative impact on my own success in life. I don’t know when this thinking took its drastic turn but I’m glad it did and I wonder how I ever have been thinking so wrong. Success isn’t limited, success is for everybody who believes it and aren’t afraid to pursuit it. Success is unique for everybody. Success is to be proud of yourself. Like flowers we humans should, and are so very able to bloom together, sadly somehow we believe that we should be ‘the rose that grew from concrete’. We live everyday like life was a competition, like there’s just a small crack in the concrete we have to compete for. In fact success is so much easier to achieve together then alone. In fact if the environment is good flowers bloom so easily, they don’t think about it, they don’t look at the other flowers and thinks ‘oh shit, now she bloomed so it means I can’t’, nope. They just bloom. They bloom together, together they emit seeds and create more blooming flowers. Okey enough with the flowers. To sum up, myths of Success:

  1. Success is limited
  2. Someone else’s success affects yours negatively
  3. Success is something we should achieve alone

If you want success, surround yourself with successful people. Encourage others, help others, support others to success. Recognize what success is, live in success everyday and recognize how easy it is to just… bloom. 

Why are they more important than you?

Phones. I hate phones. Since when did we get so available. F’ck, Facebook even let people know that you’ve “seen and read their messages” nowadays, so if you don’t reply immediately you’ll be rude. Well, so may be.

You may see this post as an open letter to the editor from an old upset hag.

I’ll start the post with something I read some months ago, something so excellent, beautifully, magically on point. I’ve read it in swedish and will therefore not quote it verbatim.

– Concentration is out. We want to experience all at once In the modern world. There’s no use with just taking a walk in the park when you could listen to your headphones, chew on a bagel and watch the passing carnival at the same time. Our choices reveal our hidden desire for a new world order: Stimulation! Mind power and the ability to create has become subordinate to the only goal – to saturate our minds. But I’m old school.  If you’re not ready to concentrate on me while we’re together – during conversation -touching – the brief moment where our souls intertwine – then get out of my sight and get back to your life where you’re constantly surrounded by the noise of 500 different channels.

I Love it! Let’s re-read it! It’s honey, chocolate, love, sex, music for my ears:

If you’re not ready to concentrate on me while we’re together – during conversation -touching – the brief moment where our souls intertwine – then get out of my sight and get back to your life where you’re constantly surrounded by the noise of 500 different channels. 

Phones, I hate phones. If we meet over a cup of coffee, tea or what not, we do so because we obviously want to share a moment with each other. It doesn’t make sense that Becky’s holidays pics or Tyler’s workout tips are in your focus. Neither does it make sense that you answer when Linda calls you to retell her weekend. How rude isn’t it if a person interrupt you in the middle of you speech, lecture, casual storytelling, whenever you speak. Rude but let’s not forget irritating! The moment is destroyed, the story is destroyed and you probably forgot what you where saying. What still surprises me is that people don’t seem to see answering your phone as something rude. If someone calls you in the middle of a conversation, turn the sound of. Is it important, excuse yourself, be succinct and to the point and politely say that you’ll call them back.

You are here. With me. I’m here, with you. I give you the most precious thing in my life, my time. Me. And you’ll disgrace me with talking in the phone half of the time, or with chatting online meanwhile I talk? Laughing at something silly your friend posted but don’t give me the opportunity to laugh with you. Spending your time liking something? Like me. Like the energy flowing through us, like the interaction between us that nor words or pictures can reproduce. The unique, once in a lifetime moment that takes place. Like that. Appreciate it. Noticed it. Act on it.

I want to think that social medias where created for us to interact More. Not less. Easier. Not harder. I want to believe that it was meant to be a tool where we could keep family and friends updated that we’re alive and progressing someway in our life. A tool where we could share our vacations pictures so we wouldn’t have to remember bringing them to the next family reunion. I wanna think that social medias was meant to help friends and family to have a part in our life even when we’re not able to see them. I want to think it was meant to reproduce a fraction of all the living we where doing. Not BEING THE MAIN thing we’re doing. Not being the thing that makes us share our meals because that’s one of the few other things we’re doing. Sadly it’s not a media for us to share our lives, it has become a place where we create our lives. It has become the real life. Sharing silly perfect pictures with a caption “Baaalllin, turning it up with the best girls EVER <333” while sitting in a lame-ass bar with five other chicks that you barely know, don’t like that much and whom all looking down in their phones as well instead of trying to actually have a great time. Probably this because people like their invented life better. I am pretty sure though if you only would give real life a honest chance you’d never replace it for your phone again. I dare you to prove me wrong. 

I don't own this picture

I don't own this picture

Monday inspiration on Tuesday

I totally forgot yesterday’s post, so I’ll make up for it today. I’m busy moving around, exploring the world/finding my place in it so I’ve not taken the time writing a decent post lately. I will though. However this morning inspirational clichés will have to do. And frankly all these quotes is what keeps me going. Have a great day!





Monday inspiration

The internet is full of random stuff, funny stuff and sometimes really good stuff. I always save pictures or quotes or links that in some way inspire me or amuse me and I thought that from now on I’ll share them with you every Monday to get a nice start at the week. This ones for today:

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Only thing I know is that I don’t

What I know for sure is that I don’t know anything. That’s for me a pretty relaxing thought. I’m lost. It’s okey. It’s exciting. However I thought I should comment that I’ve decided to use my real name Isabella instead for my second name Jennifer. It just feels right, further explanation is otiose.

Only white men in heaven

Reflect and speak up, that’s qualities I appreciate and respect in people. Muhammad Ali has them both. In this clip he highlights things that is really important that is brought to the surface. I admirer Muhammad Ali for recognizing that to get your point through you have to sell it. Here he’s selling it with humor. Good but sad that people laughs to such serious things. Or what do you think?

Like the movies, but better.

Sunday and I’m In love with life ©JenniferBchaz






I’m an Artist

Small things are significant for me. Actually I’ll probably create something of the small things. My world is intense and I put huge meaning in most of the things. I may enlarge situations that’s really not that bad, in the same way find enormous delight in situations that’s not that great. I feel A LOT. Often I don’t even know why or what. That’s why I create. That’s the only way the feeling make sense for me. When you hear or see an artwork of mine don’t judge me. Don’t criticize me. What you see isn’t me. It’s my emotions or/and thoughts which been released into to that specific piece, so you understand, you could impossible judge me by the art. But you may be able to feel me.

Tuesday thoughts