Hey! Instead of blogging I’ve been spending my time writing a book. I finished it in October and I’m now on the final editing stage. SO EXCITED! Many of you have followed this blog a long time now and experienced it’s different changes and uses. The book is pretty much a way more detailed version of this blog and my life and I’ve named it CALL ME FREE.  The outline of the book is how any adventure in life can take place as long as you’re open minded, fearless and believe it. Many (spiritual) self-help books gives us advice how to change our lives and I want to with this book prove that if you do the work your life will indeed change and it will be magical. I also created a new wonderful Instagram page for you to get your daily dose of inspiration. You’ll find it here: Call Me Free Instagram


Mrs. Know It All

The thing with me is that I might come of as a Mrs. Know-It-All. I often say that the more you think you know, the less you actually do know  -which presumably sounds like a humble thing to say but it kinda sorta just lead back to the fact that I think I have the answers for everything doesn’t it?

Already in school at 10 years old I got bullied with words like -Who do you think you are, the teacher?

I never aim to sound pretentious it’s just that one of my passions are ideas. Some like to share their shoes, fancy clothes, cars or workout results with the world. I love sharing ideas.

I found him! Fairy tales exist

Again almost a year has passed since my last post and I smile when I read it. So I found myself – Finally sorted out my inner chaos and started to love and accept myself and guess what happened? I found another person who loved and accepted me for who I am and he proposed and we got married. We got married under a lemon tree in Los Angeles and a few months later we had a bigger wedding with family and friends in Finland. We went backpacking through Europe on our honeymoon and now we have a beautiful home in Los Angeles. I got my happy ending. It was the ending of the lost confused child in me and for the first time I feel whole. I feel like myself. Is my life all rainbows and unicorns now? Did you find your prince and live happily ever after? Yes and no. Fairy tales never tell you want happens after you conquered the obstacles that kept you from your soulmate and you finally can be together. Do you want to know what happens? You start fighting about dishes. And other daily tasks. And it is okay. Good and bad times comes and goes like waves so one needs to learn how to surf and I think I’m doing a great job. I’m very grateful and happy with my life, my family, friends, music, husband and puppy. The world is going more and more bananas but there’s so much light in it, don’t forget that.

Have a wonderful day! Love

Imitating the hummingbird

Oh wow, time flies. More then a year since I wrote here, not to mistake for me not writing. I’ve got two more note books filled with ideas and reflections.
The last post, the one below, was me longing for a soulmate. The actual problem was me longing -searching for myself.
A LOT have happen in a year, almost too much for me to cope with. I tried to juggle 4 jobs at a time. I moved to Stockholm with a tunnel vision of making a lot of money to make a lot of music. The reality was that I worked all the time and didn’t make any music. I took no time of to just be. If I didn’t work, I traveled, which been very much this year. I think I’ve been on 18 different airplanes and the year is not over.
I’m an on/off person and when July arrived I’ve had been On for too long. I crashed. No surprise. Too high expectations, too much being alone, too little sleep. My sister advised me to visit our parents in Finland for a while and I did. And I did what I loved. I created. I painted almost every day for 2 months and booked two shows. Only me and my guitar, singing out the lessons I’ve learnt and the failures I made. This was a big step for me. To do what I love infront of the people I’ve been scared of the most. My hometown. I’ve been so worried about what people think. Even If I tried to deny it. I still have. The beauty of crashing as a being is that you stop giving a shit about anything, you’re too drained of energy. When something’s broken the light can shine through and that’s how I felt.
Since my last post life really smacked a wall in my face and humbled me down. My life has been a constant search for some truth and I thought I found it and I think that’s when your are the most lost. A wise person told me this summer to see myself as a glass that life constantly fills with ideas, experience, pain, happiness… And that it’s important to empty your glass every now and then to be able to receive more of what life gives you and continue to empty it. To just be. The same person told me to be like a hummingbird. The hummingbird beats its wings very fast and the wings achieve a sound that we humans hear as a humming. And it might delight you or it might annoy you. However none of that was ever the hummingbird’s intention, it just is who it is and it might give some delight or it might not. So that’s where I am today. Trying to be everything I am, not more, not less. And understand that that’s the best I can be.

Spa for the soul

Lately I’ve felt distressed, I thought it was because I’ve been working day and night since 2 of September. Now it has started to slow down and I have time to relax, but still I feel weird. Since September I’ve got a new apartment, new roomie (the best roomie one could wish for! I feel blessed), new family conditions, two new jobs, two sets of new colleagues, a lots of new friends and I talk to wonderful people everyday. So what’s wrong? I think I need to settle in. I’ve learnt to love changes because they are the only thing that’s constant, still I notice that they affect me. I’m not sad nor unhappy, actually I’m overwhelmed of appreciation and I’m proud of myself but still, distressed. I miss something. I miss home. I miss my sister. I miss my parents. I miss my friends, I miss my cats. I miss my car. I miss my hometown. And all this is wonderful, I’m so grateful that I have things to miss, people to come home to, a place to call home, a place that always have and always will embrace me with love. Still, I feel distressed. I need to rest. It hit me, I need someone to rest my soul in. Someone who knows me, someone who understands me, someone who loves all the things with me that I don’t like that much myself, someone who says the right things, someone where the energy flow is even, someone I can spoil with unconditional love, someone who spoils me with unconditional love, someone I can trust and who trust me. Someone who I share thousands and thousands of laughs with, someone I can sit in silence with, someone who sees me for the person I am, someone who understands that I’m a big paradox, someone who are proud of me and got my back, someone I feel safe with, someone my soul feel safe in. I strongly doubt I’m the only one. Maybe I should open a “soul spa”, no idea how it would work though. But that exactly how I feel right now, in this moment, a need for a spa day for my soul. Anyone who would join me?


How to live you dream life

This last year have being spent on couches. At the moment I live on a couch in Stockholm, Sweden and enjoying life. I’ve learned so much this last year, met incredible people and found a huge inner peace. Today I want to share want I wrote in my notebook when living in L.A, where my self-development year begun.

“Faith. Have faith and you’ll get anything and everything you want from life. You don’t have to be religious to have faith, and the amazing thing: faith cost you nothing. You’ve got nothing to loose to have faith so you might as well just trust that everything you need and want will come to you. Just trust it. It’s hard to let go of yourself like that, I know, but when you do, you’ll never see the world the same way again. Faith and knowledge of what you want. Not what you thing you should want, just find out what you want because then you can be aware of the power of attraction. Then you can be aware of the things that’s laid out for you to help you get what you desire. Put all your focus on what you want, not on what you want to change. That’s the secret.
When this secret was revealed to me it made so much sense and I realize why things felt like they just gotten handed to me. They did because the option never existed, they did because I expected them to. So I opened my eyes, looked clearly at my life and my surroundings and saw me. Everything I’ve got in this life is all a reflection of my attitude. With that said, it’s really easy to erase the bad things and live your dream life.”


New York

This city is so beautiful and has so much to give <3


New York

Hey guys! I left to New York to attend a bartender course ’till the end of June. I won’t have time to post anything of worth this month but to those who’s interested in following my adventure here will find at least one picture every other day. We’re 11 persons living in the same apartment… This will be fun! School starts tmmr!



ESC Winner 2014

Today’s Monday inspiration is Thomas Neuwirth aka Conchita Wurst. First time ever I got chills from a Eurovision Song. And the light show! The light show was absolutely superb.

I need You.

Under the surface I think that 98% of us have some worries or sadness. Under the surface I believe that 99% are dying for somebody to love them as they are. Under the surface 100% need YOU. Need you to be kind, need your acceptance, need your comfort, need your understanding, need your smile, need your time, need your respect. Don’t ever let yourself be fooled by the smile on somebody’s face, never be fooled by the ’perfect’ life they have, don’t be fooled by their beauty, don’t be fooled by their strength, never be fooled by their money, never be fooled by their attitude. 100% need you, be there. Be the smile that changes a strangers day, be the kind word that makes your fellowman’s struggle bearable, be the humble gaze that helps your next to feel less lonely. I need You. You need me. Let’s make life as magical it could and should be.